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Outdoor Curtains Waterproof Privacy Patio Porch Drapes 50'x 120'
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Outdoor Curtains Waterproof Privacy Patio Porch Drapes 50'x 120'  

These curtains not only look amazing but also serve to screen off the sun's dangerous rays. These outdoor curtains are designed to withstand the elements while bringing a trendy splash of color you your outdoor living area. Use them on your porch, patio, pergola, gazebo, or anywhere you need some shade or privacy without sacrificing your sense of style. These Outdoor Curtains include Nickel Grommets /Tab Top which make putting them very easy using a conventional curtain rod, or custom rod of your own. The grommets won't rust over time, and they look gorgeous too! If you need a high quality curtain for your outdoor living space, that will resist mold and mildew and won't fade over time then these curtains are for you!

Outdoor Curtains Waterproof Privacy Patio Porch Drapes 50'x 120' Features:

  • Super Soft Fabric.
  • Durable design.
  • Nickel Grommets.
  • Waterproof and blocks UV Rays.
  • Privacy and light blocking guaranteed.
  • Proven anti-bacterial and mildew resistant.


  1. Good quality finishing
  2. Type: Panels
  3. Color: Dark Blue
  4. Size: 50" W x 120" L
  5. Grommets: 6 tab top with nickel grommets
  6. Texture: Blackout Curtains
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